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    • For most people a startup looks as if it must achieve a seemingly unlimited number of goals. However, out of these goals are come that stand head and shoulders above the others. These are the organisation’s milestones — they mark significant progress along the road to …

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    • Share Your Dots

      The following text is an excerpt from the book ‘Steal Like an Artist: 10 Things Nobody Told You About Being Creative’ by Austin Kleon. I love this book and I really can recommend it to everyone out there! Go & get your copy! There’s only one …

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    • There are many project management models and methods. Most of them are based on the premise that there is a fixed amount of time in which to carry out a project. Generally, within this time, ideas are gathered and consolidated, and a concept is selected and …

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    • It’s been a while… During the last few weeks I had a lot of stuff to do and worked on many cool projects for different clients. Altogether I had a great time and I gained a lot of new experiences! Today I’m finally launching my new …

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